Openstack-based private cloud


Based on Openstack, we develop many advance features to help you build public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable from management, billing to storage system.


We provide an up-to-date infrastructure, low cost and keep adding new feature. Advantages:
- Flexible networking models
- Easy to store, import, share, and query images
- Automation and security
- Massively scalable and highly available system
- Increase productivity with lifecycle management
- Ability to allocate, track and limit resource utilization
- Automates resource management/provisioning

Cloud billing system


Flexible billing module helps you build stable cloud-based business.

We develop Agent on a cross-platform server to help you build billing system provides below features:

- Only pay for what you use: CPU usage, RAM capacity, Network usage, Numbers of requests

- Estimate cost for the 3rd party: billing module for cloud handles Pricing, Metering, Rating, Charging, Taxation and Discount management.

Cloud management, monitoring and alerting system.


Flexible RESTful API system allows you to manage, monitor and alert easily.

We develop an infrastructure providing a full management:

- Our system aggregates usage and performance data across the services deployed in an OpenStack cloud. This powerful capability provides visibility and insight into the usage of the cloud across dozens of data points and allows cloud operators to view metrics globally or by individual deployed resources.

- Our system is a template-driven engine that allows application developers to describe and automate the deployment of infrastructure. The flexible template language can specify compute, storage and networking configurations as well as detailed post-deployment activity to automate the full provisioning of infrastructure as well as services and applications.

- Through integration with the Telemetry service, our engine can also perform auto-scaling of certain infrastructure elements.

Cloud server process automation


Drag and drop a template process(es) and then everything is automatically build.

The big advantage of our system is providing the way to install / config everything with just one click.

- Install package(s)

- Configure system

- Save time and money with automation

- Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks

- Improve reliability and efficiency

- Work across our system and third party cloud services

- Integrate with any service using our system

- Highly-available automation engine

Cloud server dashboard and report


Easy to be a system administrator via web management.

Dashboard with fully integrated support for self-service provisioning:

- The OpenStack dashboard provides administrators and users a graphical interface to access, provision and automate cloudbased resources. The
extensible design makes it easy to plug in and expose third party products and services, such as billing, monitoring and additional management tools. The dashboard is also brandable for service providers and other commercial vendors who want to make use of it.

- The dashboard is an extensible web app that allows cloud administrators and users to control their compute, storage and networking resources.As a cloud administrator, the dashboard provides an overall view of the size and state of your cloud. You can create users and projects, assign users to projects and set limits on the resources for those projects.

- The dashboard provides users a self-service portal to provision their own resources within the limits set by administrators.

Intergrate(d) with Amazon, HP Cloud, Microsoft Azure, EMC Cloud


Very easy to integrate with public cloud services to scale on the go.

Fully supported by current famous cloud providers: Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, EMC Cloud, ... to help you manage everything in one unified place.


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