Hosted IP-PBX phone system


On cloud hosted phone system with modern technologies: WEBRTC, Web client, Hardphone and softphone on Mac, Window, iOS or Android.

We develop many kinds of component add-ons for your hosted IP-PBX phone system:

- Rich features SIP softphone development. Based on famous open source SIP softphone like Jitsi, Linphone, CSipsimple ... we build the multimedia phone system.

- Implement HD voice quality phone system with Opus codec

- Building multi-tenant IP PBX system

- Manage your phone system servers

Cloud contact center


On-cloud web browser contact center with WEBRTC-enabled inside.

You name your owned cloud contact center, we develop it for you.

- Based on open source SIP server: Asterisk or Freeswitch or Kamailio or combination.

- From Flash technology to modern browsers with webrtc supported like Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

- Integrate with your exist applications.

- Based on sipml5, sipjs or your suggestions.

- Click-2-Dial integration, Call recording, Queue, Messaging integration

- Support XMPP protocol, Presense, Group text chat ...


Telecom OSS provisioning system


Flexible OSS system for voice, messaging and mobility.

We develop OSS system to empowering your communication services.
- Route Provisioning to application servers
- Least cost routing and profit optimization algorithm
- Call Detail Record real-time files collection from application servers
- Call Detail Record Mediation
- Reformatting and export of CDRs to external systems
- Traffic Analysis Reports
- Quality of Server Controls with real time feedback to application servers
- CDR ratingCredit Controls with real time feedback to application servers when a customer's credit balance impacts their status to originate VoIP calls
- Billing for wholesale settlement and Billing Reports

SIP, XMPP protocol


Develop client and server application, integration for SIP and XMPP protocol.

We develop various parts or whole system from client to server, gateway or libraries integration.

We use famous open source like:

- Jitsi, Linphone, CSipsimple sip-based client on Window, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

- Strophejs, Jsjac, xmpp-framework or smack for xmpp-based development

- Develop many modules for Asterisk, Freeswitch, Ejabberd, MongooseIM, Opensips, Kamailio, Nodejs

Asterisk or Freeswitch application server


We utilize famous SIP application server - Asterisk or Freeswitch - to develop rich features communication application and system.

Based on Asterisk or Freeswitch, we build UC system:
- IP telephony system
- Instant messaging and presence information
- Unified messaging with email and voice mail, calendar
- Video calling, conferencing and surveillance integration
- Fax over IP service, CTI integration

Multimedia messaging application (SMS, MMS, Voicemail)


OTT Mobile messaging application for iOS, Android, Mac or Win.

Develop high quality multimedia messaging application based on XMPP:

- Chat application for your enterprise to enhance productivity

- Better collaboration with Screensharing, Video Call, Video Conference, File sharing system

- On mobile (iOS, Android) or modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

- HD voice with Opus codec

- HD video with VP8 or OpenH264 codec

- Push notification system, Firewall traversal, ...

HD Voice/Video applications


HD voice/video based on Opus, VP8 codec, mobile performance customize.

We develop complete highly optimized HD voice/video calling application. Our media engine allows
mobile application (iOS, Android) bringing superior HD quality voice and video communication services, streamline time-to-market.

- Low level Media processing

- Based on famous open source and mediaengine: Opus, VP8, Libav

- Support iOS, Android, Win and Mac

- For many kinds of application: Video call 1-1, Video conference, Video Recording, TV streaming, Music streaming, ...

Webrtc-based applications


WEBRTC everywhere on browser, on desktop, on mobile devices (iOS, Android) and streaming server.

Off-the-shelf WebRTC can only deliver high quality peer-to-peer audio/video conversations between two browsers. But to build
audio/video applications for the real-world, more than a standard is needed. We deliver the hosted infrastructure, APIs, and tools to
unlock the potential of WebRTC live video for business.
We develop:
- Native app libraries to reach mobile devices

- High-performance, scalable signaling layer

- Support multi-way calling

Interoperate between different browsers and mobile devices

- Support enterprise firewall traversal

- Webrtc streaming server for webinar, class room application


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