E-learning system


Your all-in-one enterprise elearning system

We contribute successfully plenty of startup with following key features:

- Text chat, File sending

- Video / audio call

- Screen sharing

- Remote desktop

Enterprise productivity & management tools


Develop add-ons for your existing tools or bring your new ideas into real stuffs. Real-time web application is our unique value service.

We build reliable software to turn you idea into promising business using very modern technologies, bug free delivery and limited budget. These tools help you manage everything in your company in one place, plug-and-play applications:
- Human resource and Intranet system]

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

- Realtime chat, voice and collaboration system

- Project management system built-in Agile method(s)

E-commerce applications


E-commerce system for B2B or B2C

We have rich/comprehensive knowlege of building e-commercial applications completely secure, scalable.

- Real-time Bidding system

- Social e-commerce system

- Mobile e-commerce system

- Integrate with OpenERP, Invoice, Order processing

- Support Payment gateways: Stripe, Paypal, Google Wallet

Social network


Private social network building to data scientist, matching

We've built social network for over five years with many special ideas for customers.
- Mobile chat-based social network
- Data scientist for social data
- Full features social network for niche market


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